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  Tahoe Turning Point
working with troubled teens


Tahoe Turning Point

Tahoe Turning Point is a private, nonprofit agency that provides group care and residential treatment for male juveniles, ages 12 to 18. This agency is licensed by the California Department of Social Services.  It is also licensed by the California Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs as a Licensed Residential Recovery Program. This program began in 1980 in South Lake Tahoe, California, and has grown to four six bed residential facilities. All four of the programs prescribe to the concepts of experiential education and use that modality in the treatment protocols.

Target Population

All of the clients at this agency are male juveniles 12 through 18 years old. They come to this program from the following sources:

  • Probation Departments from 18 counties in Northern California
  • Mental Health Professionals and Departments
  • Social Service and Foster Care Agencies
  • California School Districts and Special Education Programs
  • Aid to Adoptive Parents Programs
  • Private Familes in need of treatment and care for their child
The majority of the boys are placed at this program by probation officers under court orders from California Superior Courts. The rest of the boys are from the other sources mentioned, but seem to fit the same profile as the probationers.

All potential clients go through an extremely intensive entrance process, including a review of their entire juvenile, educational,  court and psychological backrounds. We also interview the placing officer or parents and do a face-to-face interview with the minor. The entire process is handled by our intake counselor. Boys with a history of extreme violence, intensive pyschiatric needs, or needing a more highly confined environment, are not accepted at this program.

The Programs

Tahoe Turning Point maintains four different facilities, each with a different program.

THE MEADOW HOME is located in a residential neighborhood. This program is oriented particularly well for moderate to intensive substance abuse clients. They use both public and home study school programs and maintain an active recreational program. Mitch Delariva, a long term employee here, is the Caseworker at this program.

THE HEAVENLY VALLEY HOME is a two story home which has been housing foster kids for well over thirty years. The program is considered our most "nurturing" home and deals primarily with behavioral problems including ADD/ADHD, school issues, family concerns and substance use. Boys at this program are encouraged to work their way into the regular public school program, as well as staying active in the community, maintaining a job, and learning independent living skills. Some clients at this program reunify with their families, while others stay here until their eighteenth birthday. This program keeps up a very fast pace with sports, outdoor experiences, trips and high adventure challenges. Ron Gareis, our intake Social Worker, also provides the Social Work for the clients in this home.

THE MOUNTAIN HOME is housed in a very new and beautiful two story house just behind South Tahoe High School. The focus here is for boys who are going to stay in placement and need independent living skills as well as vocational training and employment experience. Various forms of education are offered: independent study, regular public school, GED preparation, and community college. Sports, recreation, and sobriety meetings are offered daily. Mark Arroues, an avid athlete and coach, is the caseworker for this home.

THE MEYERS HOME is our most physically demanding outdoor experiential challenge. Located just outside the city limits in a quaint wooden home, this program offers the most in the way of rockclimbing,  backpacking, water sports, skiing and snowboarding. Staff at this facility are not only expert instructors, but also highly trained specialist in first aid and safety. Zan Stulla, an outdoor expert, performs the casework duties for this program.

Employment Opportunities

The entire corporation is directed by an Executive Director: Richard Barna, CADAC, a licensed Drug and Alcohol Therapist. He reports to a nine person Board of Directors made up of two employees of the corporation and seven local professionals. The corporation hires employees in three primary areas:

  • Administration: Executive Director, Financial Director
  • Social Work/Casework: Managers of the individual clients and programs
  • Childcare Workers: These are the backbone of the agency. They include counselors, house managers, therapists, outdoor specialists and tutors.
In total we maintain approximately 25 full-time employees. We do not use the services of volunteers.

Basically all of our staff are raising children. If you don't like kids, this isn't the job for you! Your responsibilities are everything that a good parental figure would provide for a growing teenaged boy. This includes: supervision, meals, cleanliness and hygiene, transportation to events and appointments, teaching sports and related skills, help with schoolwork, teaching lifeskills, assigning chores, building relationships, counseling, guiding, and everything else that is part of being a good parent. Additionally, our staff have some paperwork responsibilities including: daily staff logs, medication logs, behavioral charts, and incident reports. You might also take on some additional responsibilities that are requested by your supervisor. These might include leading groups on certain subjects, facilitating a session, or organize a program or directing a scheduled trip or outing. Each of these will depend on your level of expertise and experience.

For each of our facilities, a certain level of skill and training is very beneficial. Job applicants applying to the Meyers and Heavenly Valley programs should be proficient in leading and directing outdoor adventure type programs. We don't expect any one staff to be an expert in all fields, but some degree of training and safety knowledge is very helpful. Our outdoor programs include: rockclimbing, skiing, snowboarding, whitewater rafting, kayaking, camping, backpacking, mountain biking and bouldering.

Work Hours, Shifts, Pay, Benefits

Each staff person works a 54 hour shift over the course of three and one half days. During the shift each staff shares the responsibility of sleeping over at the facility for two nights. The unpaid sleep portion of your shift is for eight hours a night. Should you be called into service for a client or emergency during that time, you are of course paid for your time. The staff sleeping areas are located in a separate staff room (or office with bed).

The pay scale is based on factors such as: degree, experience in residential treatment and added responsibilities.

Starting salary for 54 hours per week is (gross) $ 511.92
(or $2,047.68 per month or $26,620.00 year)

With a bachelor degree the starting pay goes to (gross)  $579.42 weekly
(or $2,317.68 per month or $ 30,130.00 per year)

With a bachelor degree and previous experience in this field starting pay is (gross) $606.42 weekly
(which is 2,425.68 per month or $31,534.00 per year)

Additional raises are available after one, two and four years with this program. Additional raises are also paid for additional responsibilities, such as managing a facility, becoming a caseworker, becoming a tutor or managing our food program.

Benefits include:    

Pacificare Health Insurance (after three full months of full time service)
BEST Dental Insurance (after three full months of full time service)
Leave Time (sick, vacation, whatever) figured at .06 hours of leave for each hour worked. This is accumulated upon employment, but may only be used with pay after three full months of full time employment.
All meals while working.
Free season ski pass (if you are teaching skiing and/or snowboarding)
Free laundry facilities
Paid training opportunities (college, seminars, conferences)
You may also take part in our 403(b) retirement program that is entirely staff funded but tax deferred.

To Apply for a Job Here

The application process begins with your resume. It should include all of your experiences, both paid and not, as well as education and hobbies and interests. It should also include any credentials, certificates and trainings with dates and dates of expiration (first aid, cpr, CPI, etc.) that you might have. Please get that to us as soon as possible by either E-mail, fax or mail. All correspondence should be addressed to our Executive Director, Rich Barna.

E-Mail:   ttpjob@yahoo.com

Fax:        (530) 542-1200

Mail:      Tahoe Turning Point Job
               P.O. Box 17509
               So. Lake Tahoe, CA 96151

After receiving your resume, if you meet our qualifications, we will call you for a phone interview. We then will forward your interview results and resume to our supervisors. They will then interview you in person at the facility. Before starting work, all employees MUST be fingerprinted and pass the scrutiny of the California Department of Justice. They must also pass a physical exam. They must have a valid drivers license in the state in which they live and their drivers record must pass our insurance company review. They must also have adequate insurance on their vehicle, should they want to transport clients in their vehicle.

After all of these parameters are met, you can officially start work. Most applicants can clear all of these in 7 to 10 days from the start of the process.

We hope that this website addressed many of the questions that potential job applicants might have. Should you have questions that are not addressed here, please give us a call at (530) 541-4594.

Donations: If you would like to donate to Tahoe Turning Point, you can send your contributions to: P.O. Box 17509, South Lake Tahoe, Ca. 96151 If you would like to help Tahoe Turning Point out by purchasing merchandise you can visit: www.cafepress.com/ttpbear.